To Turn ON unconditional forwarding to a number: 48 ##21# To Turn OFF unconditional forwarding: 49 **61*TMobile Number*SS# Change call forwarding time delay (Replace SS with 5, 10, 15, or 30 for seconds) 50 **61*TMobile Number# Turn ON call forwarding When There is no reply to a number: 51 ##61# Turn OFF forwarding When there is no reply: 52 **62* TMobile Number# Fi call forwarding is basically just simultaneous ring. So your Fi phone will ring and at the same time any lines you've 'forwarded' too will also ring. That's a VERY limted forwarding set, most carriers offer more options. Like Forward all calls & CCF as I mentioned.

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The call forward is always set on "on my phone" (using the phone setting to forward to my home phone), and is still working if I don't receive the call. The question is how to deactivate the call forward at Koodo so that they won't charge me. Note that I did *720, ##67#, #21#,##61#,and ##62# a few months back and I still got charged! When you subscribe to voicemail, the star codes will only enable/disable the ability to take a message when there is no answer. To use this feature to forward calls, you must unsubscribe from voicemail and subscribe to the Calling Forwarding or Home & AwayTM Online-Manager feature. Hope this helps. In most cases, the solution is not in your phone settings. Just by dialing a simple USSD code, you can permanently turn off call forwarding on any Nigeria SIM networks. If you live in Nigeria and you always see “call forwarded” notification anytime you want to make a call. Don’t take this lightly. Unfortunately, the product is setting up a condition call forward busy to an invalid number. Over the last several, days we have come across multiple complaints to a 3rd Party product "RoboKiller" that is meant to intercept spam calls for customers.RoboKiller’s NEW OPTIONAL Call Screening feature removes the guesswork. When unknown callers try to reach you, RoboKiller politely asks them to introduce themselves and their reason for calling - all before your phone EVER rings! RoboKiller will transcribe the interaction in real-time and ask if you’d like to answer.

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Sounds like your phone is still set to forward your calls to the Robokiller service. You will need to reset your call forwarding you can get info on how to disable the call forwarding here. This is the number that unanswered calls should be forwarded to for your voicemail +16478395028 Call Forwarding, No Answer (Forward calls only when I can not answer) This one is pretty much exactly as the name indicates. If “call forwarding no answer” is set on the phone line, it will automatically forward to the destination number after a configurable number of rings (default is 3 rings). Tap or click Update Call Forwarding Status. Note: If you’ve set up Call Forwarding for this line before, you may not be prompted to complete steps 6 – 9. Your Call Forwarding will be activated once you complete step 5. If prompted, select a line to send the Online Authorization Code to. This is to verify your identity and keep your account ...
Sep 14, 2020 · There are a couple of ways your can turn off Call Forwarding for AT&T Home Phone. You're right - *73 from your dial tone is one way. However, you can also dial 73# too. Test it, and if you are unable to disengage Call Forwarding please visit our online Troubleshoot & Resolve tool to submit a trouble ticket. The TS&R tool is easy to use and ... Sep 30, 2020 · Deactivate your Voicemail via settings. If you're lucky, your phone will come with an option to deactivate your voicemail service. Checking the voicemail settings and looking for a 'Turn Off' or 'Deactivate' option is a good first step regardless of the type of phone you're using.