Pictures and Specifications of the CRT Galaxy Saturn Base CB- Radio / Plaatje en Specificaties van de CRT Galaxy Saturn Basis CB-Radio

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Galaxy DX-2547 Features: AM/SSB and PA Modes Operates on both 120 volts AC and 12 volts DC (Both power cords are included)Flip-Up Feet for Adjustable Viewing Angle Front Mic Jack (Handheld Microphone is included)Large, Easy-to-Read Meter with: Power Output Scale calibrated for AM and...Jun 04, 2007 · The Galaxy 2547 is excellent in appearance . Receive and transmit are excellent also. The only problem with the Galaxy 2547 is frequency drift on sideband.When first turned on it takes about 30 minutes get on frequency and after that it appears fine. It is still my #1 choice in CB base station radios because of its neat look and extra features. 11月17日(土)に信州大学教育学部で研究法に注目した研究会を開催します。参加費は無料で事前申し込みも不要です。 Galaxy DX929 at Only $149.95 Performance tune up - a must in order to perform $50.00 or High Watt Mod with additional modifications- $69.95 Echo installed - $79.95 - more info Extreme Noise filtering installed - $49.95 Apr 18, 2020 · Frequency Conversion For Galaxy DX 2547 – Channel Mods Before you start, make sure the radio isn't connected to a power source! This is a 4 position rotary switch conversion Reference Picture Below

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IrrigatiQno Tune-Up $35- Check & Adjust =, J Entire System. 3j5 Provide Written Est. To Fix Problems! Lower Your Monthly Cost 352-409-3163 jjiSprinkler Repairs Timers, Valves, Heads, Leaks, etc. 352) 787-9001 That's all we do since 1979 Native, 4th Generation lea g gl I.C.C. Bobcat a Tree Suc. Inc. Land Clearing/Excavating b. Fill Dirt/Clay liJ ... we intend to provide a wide variety of technically oriented infomation aimed at the citizens band amateur and frs bands. Listed under the Technical Reference/CB Radios category that is about CB Radio modifications, tips & tricks.