Sep 07, 2020 · There is far, far more to Chinese astrology than just the twelve signs of the Zodiac. There's also the Four Pillars of Destiny -- which does use the Zodiac, but goes much, much further. It uses the year you were born and the month, day, and time of your birth, as well. It's similar to the birth chart used in Western astrology.

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The Four Pillars of Destiny, Nine-Ki-Astrology and various other branches cover a vast spectrum of living. The Theory of Five Elements. The Creative/Control Cycle of Elements: The Five basic Elements are represented by Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Master Tsai 2020 Chinese Five Element Astrology, Four Pillar of Destiny, Rise and Fall Life, Fortune Angel Software, Zodiac Prediction. Master Tsai's Chinese Five Element Astrology is the Ba-Zi Fortune-telling also known as Four Pillars of Destiny, which is a required knowledge for all Chinese...This is a Chinese Astrology app with a free Four Pillars Calculator and Done for You life readings. If you love feng shui or Chinese Astrology or Chinese Horoscopes (Chinese zodiac) then this is... Find The Secret of Your Destiny This Chinese Astrology uses the balance theory of Yin-Yang Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) to predict people future. Not like other horoscopes, this Chinese Astrology won't tell your personality or your relationships with people, which you should know better than any Astrology. Lập Tứ Trụ, Free Four Pillars, Nine Star Ki, Flying Stars Feng Shui Calculator script. Calculate your Chinese Astrology Ba Zi chart, Calculate your 9 Star Ki and Ming Gua, Flying Stars Feng Shui.

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BaZi – Four Pillars of Destiny, is a very deep-rooted and trusted subject in Chinese culture. Its influence can easily be traced in all walks of life. Before conducting anything important, the Chinese like to choose the auspicious day and hour to make sure all goes smoothly. Free Four Pillars Astrology Bazi Calculator. Four Pillars or BaZi is a traditional Chinese astrological system for identifying your elemental make-up and the tendencies that may influence your life (sometimes called your destiny.) All this information can be drawn from your date and time of birth.